Sembungan The Highest Village

Day 2, Holiday in Wonosobo – Central Java

Sembungan The Highest Village in Java Island

We take off from the Telaga Warna tourism area and want to go to Sikidang Crater. In the way to the crater, we don’t see any direction sign to that place. We just follow the road and suddenly realize that we drive to the high and higher place. Then we see that the crater is look so far. We see the old factory and nobody pass this road except us. Suddenly we see nothing, all the view goes white. Wew, we are in the land above the clouds. And we see this :


See the background of this pictures, just white. The view is covered in fog. We drive in the wrong road and lost. ahahaha πŸ˜€ This is a funny experience, we lost in the highest village in Java island, Sembungan. When the fog come, it’s drizzling. So we back to the first destination, Sikidang Crater. In the way back to the right way, we almost can see nothing in the road. The fog was so thick. But, we believe we can pass it .. ahahahaha πŸ˜€ Do you know what we think? It’s like we are in the Silent Hills 😦


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