Satay Tofu

Day 3, Holiday in Wonosobo – Central Java

Satay Tofu

Today is our last day in Wonosobo this time. Actually, this morning we want to go to the warm water baths near his home. But we woke up late 😦 I remember, I still want to eat the Wonosobo unique snack, satay tofu. So, after see his mother and father in the market to say farewell, we go to the square to find the satay tofu.


Tadaaaa .. finally we found it .. πŸ˜€ Satay tofu, made from chunks of tofu and meatballs. Both stabbed and then roasted together with sauce and pepper. It’s IDR 2.5k/pcs. Not bad at all πŸ™‚

After it, we prepare to back to Yogyakarta. And see you at Jogja πŸ™‚


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