Vegetarian Days

This Saturday I and my girl friends are hang out together. The plan is go to Happy Puppy Family Karaoke and eat a vegetarian menu. That’s why I said that today is vegetarian days πŸ˜€


After sing many songs in the karaoke place, we go to Lingling Fruit Bar. This bar offers many food made from variant fruits. I order a Red Lingling, It’s contains 8 variant fruit with strawberry syrup.


Fruit doesn’t make us satisfied. Then we go to “Spesial Sambal” restaurant. This restaurant offers many of variant food like in home. But, we just order vegetarians food. I order crispy mushroom, fried tofu, kangkung belacan and lemon tea. Enough for today πŸ˜€


About raraqyut

Hello, I'm just a simple person who like to share any moment on images. I'll share anything I like in my blog. I hope you can get what you need in my blog. Thanks for checking my blog... :*

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