Takigawa Restaurant


The day after pay day, culinary to expensive restaurant šŸ˜€ We choose Takigawa Restaurant Japanese and Fusion Fine Dining. We are the first customer in this morning. After order some menu, we will get fried pumpkins and it’s free šŸ˜›


My order are Misoshiru (Miso Soup), Energy Ramen and Caramel Ice Blend.


And his order are Chawan Mushi, Fusion Sushi Platter and Fresh Orange Juice.


The taste is very very good!! The most delicious ramen I ever eat šŸ˜€ Unfortunately I can’t taste the sushi, because that are all contains seafood šŸ˜¦

  • Musoshiru 10k
  • Chawan Mushi 17k
  • Energy Ramen 49k
  • Fusion Sushi Platter 159k

Ā  Location: http://4sq.com/10ApWAj


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