Beer Brand

GLA_Beer brand

cewek 1: Eh si mas X nitip birbren
cewek 2: Owh..ya ntar dibeliin
cewek 1: Eh dia nitip beliin 2 nih..(diam sesaat) Eh birbren 2 apa dia ga mabuk ntar?
cewek 2: ha? mabuk gimane?
cewek 1: Ya kan dia minum bir 2 kaleng..
cewek 2: birbren (bear brand) itu susu kaleeeeee…
Indomaret Cokroaminoto, di dengar oleh penjaga toko yang nabrak kulkas.

~ * ~

Girl 1: Mr. X want some birbren
Girl 2: Owh..okay, we will buy it for him
Girl 1: He want two can..hmm, will he drunk if drink two can of it?
Girl 2: hah? what drunk?
Girl 1: He will drink 2 can of beer, right?
Girl 2: birbren (Bear Brand) is milk, don’t you know it???
Indomaret Cokroaminoto, heard by a shopkeeper who then hit the refrigerator.


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